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Cheryl H. Agris can be reached at:
Phone: (646) 593-7855 Fax: (646) 365-6405

Joyce H. A. von Natzmer can be reached at:
Phone: (301) 657-1282 or (212) 213-0135  Fax: (301) 576-5005

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Agris & von Natzmer, LLP assists clients with a wide range of patent and trademark related matters including clearance, opinions, preparation, and prosecution as well as transactional matters such as license agreements, assignment of rights and confidentiality agreements. The firm also provides arbitration and mediation services. Agris & von Natzmer, LLP is based in the greater New York City area and serves clients in the US and throughout the world, countries include but are not limited to USA, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.