The Law Firm of Agris & von Natzmer, LLP, based in NY, USA, focuses on all aspects of intellecual property, in particular, patent drafting and prosecution, trademark prosecution as well as transactional matter and on alternative dispute resolution.  Our key services include:

  • Procurement of patents in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy and mechanics
  • Freedom to operate, validity and patentability opinions
  • Procurement and maintenance of trademark registrations
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Licensing negotiations and agreements
  • Commercial arbitration and mediation
  • Peer review of patent applications and prosecution histories

This website is designed to tell you more about our practice areas and our expertise in all aspects of intellectual property and alternative dispute resolution.  Our clients include corporations of all sizes from start up to multinational corporations and are located in and outside the US.  We closely and efficiently work with our associates world-wide to obtain the best intellectual property protection from in and outside the US. We also assist a wide array of non-US entities directly or via their agents to obtain optimal patent and trademark protection in the US.  We always welcome the opportunity to arbitrate or mediate commercial disputes.

Please contact us with any specific questions, comments or concerns that you might have. Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice.  Should you wish legal advice, please contact us and after we formalize a relationship via a retainer letter, we will be pleased to provide legal advice.

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Agris & von Natzmer, LLP assists clients with a wide range of patent and trademark related matters including clearance, opinions, preparation, and prosecution as well as transactional matters such as license agreements, assignment of rights and confidentiality agreements. The firm also provides arbitration and mediation services. Agris & von Natzmer, LLP is based in the greater New York City area and serves clients in the US and throughout the world, countries include but are not limited to USA, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.