Alternative Dispute Resolution

For those who prefer to try to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation, Dr. Cheryl Agris, through  the Law Offices of Cheryl H. Agris, PhD, PC, provides arbitration and mediation services.
Arbitration is a private trial in which the arbitrator(s) acts as a judge. Arbitrators' decisions are usually binding. Arbitration is frequently more expedient than pursuing cases through the court system.  Furthermore, unlike court decisions, arbitrators’ decisions can at the parties’ discretion remain private.  Dr. Agris has had extensive experience arbitrating disputes in the commercial and securities area.  Dr. Agris is a member of the CPR's biotechnology, technology, health science and trademark panels, American Arbitration Association's (AAA) Commercial  and Complex Litigation Panels, the FINRA Panel, the National Futures Association panel, the EDNY Arbitration Panel and Westchester County Attorney Fee dispute resolution panel.
Mediation is a process in which parties try to resolve conflicts with the aid of a third-party neutral. It is confidential. If an agreement is reached, it is created by the parties. Mediation is often quicker and less expensive than litigation. The process can also help to preserve the relationship between the participants.  As a mediator, Dr. Agris does not render any decisions regarding the correctness of a particular party’s position.  Instead she helps facilitate agreements between the parties by attempting to find areas of common ground.  She has mediated several commercial and technology disputes with a high success rate. She is a member of the CPR's biotechnology, technology, health science and trademark panels,  mediator for NJ Supreme Court (Hudson, Essex Bergen, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties), NY Supreme Court, Commercial Division Panel (NY, Westchester, Queens and Suffolk counties).

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Agris & von Natzmer, LLP assists clients with a wide range of patent and trademark related matters including clearance, opinions, preparation, and prosecution as well as transactional matters such as license agreements, assignment of rights and confidentiality agreements. The firm also provides arbitration and mediation services. Agris & von Natzmer, LLP is based in the greater New York City area and serves clients in the US and throughout the world, countries include but are not limited to USA, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.