Representative Published Patent Applications

Cheryl Agris, Ph.D.:

US Patent Application Publication No. 20070281857
“A novel method for assembling DNA metasegments to use as substrates for homologous recombination in a cell”

US Patent Application Publication No. 20070224167
“Novel HCV inhibitor combinations and methods”

US Patent Application Publication No. 20060029615
“Novel recombinant T4 phage particle and uses thereof”

U.S. Application Publication No. 20030166225
20030166225 “Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments that encode human lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2”

U.S. Application Publication No. 20020037831
“Nitroacridine/tumor inhibitor compositions”


Joyce v. Natzmer:

U.S. Application Publication No. 20110123554
"Uses of Immunoconjugates targeting CD138"

U.S. Application Publication No. 20110234225
"Magnetic Resonance Method for Quantification of Transverse Relaxation Times"

U.S. Application Publication No. 20090317859
"Calorimetric assessment of microorganisms and use thereof" 

U.S. Application Publication No. 20070178469
"High Efficiency Gene Transfer and Expression in Mammalian Cells by a multiple transfection procedure of MAR sequences"

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