Representative Issued Patents

Cheryl Agris, Ph.D.:

US Patent No. 7,338,811
“Integrated circuit chip for bioassays”

US Patent No. D552,248
“Pacifier storage assembly”

US Patent No. 6,764,600
“Lagoon for hog waste and the method of treatment thereof”

US Patent No. 6,692,544
“Municipal waste briquetting system and method of filling land”

US Patent No. 6,626,845
“Method and apparatus for measurement of in vivo air volumes”

US Patent No. 6,427,613
“Lawn shaker”

US Patent No. 5,972,042
“Method for dyeing a material with a dyeing system which contains an enzymatic oxidizing agent”

US Patent No. 5,955,281
“Identification of ligands by selective amplification of cells transfected with receptors”

US Patent No. 5,814,602
“Heparin-binding proteins”

US Patent No. 5,602,032
“Bacillus thuringiensis mutants which produce high yields of crystal delta-endotoxin”


Joyce v. Natzmer:

US Patent No. 10,117,932

"Uses of immunoconjugates targeting CD138"

US Patent No. 9,879,297
"High efficiency gene transfer and expression in mammalian cells by amultiple transfection procedure of MAR sequences "

US Patent No. 8,129,126
"Use of the 4-1BB receptor for identifying and/or separating activated regulatory Th cells (Treg)"

US Patent No. 8,109,135
"Catilever Assembly"

US Patent No. 8,101,401
"Container and device for generating electric fields in different chambers"

US Patent No. 8,058,042
"Method and circuit arrangement for treating biomaterials"

US Patent No. 8,058,019
"Method for assaying antibodies in body fluids by immune reaction with glycoprotein 2 (GP2)"

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